Phil's Hand Made Glass
Philip Smith
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Black Whirled Vase Bubbled Vases Collection of Tumblers Collection of Tumblers 2 Desert Set Desert Set 2 Large Striated Vase Lilly Vase
Black Whirled Vase.jpg Bubbled Vases.jpg Collection of Tumblers.jpg Collection of Tumblers 2.jpg Desert Set.jpg Desert Set 2.jpg Large Striated Vase.jpg Lilly Vase.jpg
Millefiori Carafe Millefiori Jug Millefiori Set Millefiori Vase Pair of Perfume Bottles Pair of Tea Light Holders Petal Top Vases Plate with Heart
Millefiori Carafe.jpg Millefiori Jug.jpg Millefiori Set.jpg Millefiori Vase.jpg Pair of Perfume Bottles.jpg Pair of Tea Light Holders.jpg Petal Top Vases.jpg Plate with Heart.jpg
Red Spiral Jug Red Swirl Paperweight Ribbed Vase Set of Wine Glasses Small Red Bowl Spiral Red Vase Tall Coloured Vase Tall Fluted Vase
Red Spiral Jug.jpg Red Swirl Paperweight.jpg Ribbed Vase.jpg Set of Wine Glasses.jpg Small Red Bowl.jpg Spiral Red Vase.jpg Tall Coloured Vase.jpg Tall Fluted Vase.jpg
Three Medium Bowls Trifle Bowl Trio of Blue Paperweights Trio of Jugs Trio of Paperweights Trio of Vases Tumblers Side On Two Blue Bowls
Three Medium Bowls.jpg Trifle Bowl.jpg Trio of Blue Paperweights.jpg Trio of Jugs.jpg Trio of Paperweights.jpg Trio of Vases.jpg Tumblers Side On.jpg Two Blue Bowls.jpg
Very First Pieces Wavy Top Vases White Spiral Vase Wine Glass Yellow Jug Yellow Odds    
Very First Pieces.jpg Wavy Top Vases.jpg White Spiral Vase.jpg Wine Glass.jpg Yellow Jug.jpg Yellow Odds.jpg